Tool Steel D5

Principal Design Features

This alloy is one of the Cold Work, high Carbon/ Chromium type tool steels. It is capable of deep hardening with minimal distortion from air quenching after heat treatment. It has low resistance to heat softening and should not be used at elevated temperatures.


Applications include thread rolling, blanking or forming dies operating at temperatures below 900 F.


Machinability of D5 is relatively poor. Using water hardening (W group) simple alloy tool steel as a base of 100% the D5 alloy would rate 40%.


Forming is by means of forging or machining


The alloy may be welded. Consult the alloy supplier for proper procedures.

Heat Treatment

Preheat very slowly up to 1500 F then increase temperature to 1850 F and hold at temperature for 20 to 45 minutes. Air cool (air quench).


Forge at 1950 F down to 1750 F. Do not forge below 1700 F.

Hot Working

No data other than for “Forging”. Contact the alloy supplier.

Cold Working

Cold working with the alloy in the annealed condition may be accomplished by conventional methods.


Anneal at 1625 F followed by slow cooling in the furnace at a rate of cooling of 40 F per hour or less.


Not applicable to this alloy.


Temper between 400 F (Rockwell C 61) and 1000 F (Rockwell C 54).


See “Heat Treating” and “Tempering”.

Density: 0.283

Specific Gravity: 7.8

Melting Point: 2600

MoETensile: 29


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