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All Metals & Forge Group is a manufacturer of custom-forged shapes and an expert in the field of open die forgings. Producing forgings to recognized material standards is a quality benchmark of All Metals & Forge Group.

At its most basic level, forging is the process of forming and shaping metals through the use of hammering, pressing, or rolling. The process begins with starting stock, usually, a cast ingot (or a “cogged” billet that has already been forged from a cast ingot), which is heated to its plastic deformation temperature, then upset or “kneaded” between dies to the desired shape and size.

Forgings can be produced to specifications for metal alloys including AISI, ASTM, AMS, API, SAE, ASME, AWS, JIS and GB in many custom forged shapes and heat-treated conditions to achieve critical physical properties, such as tensile, yield, elongation, and reduction of area for the desired end use as specified by the purchaser.


Open die forged bar

There are four general variations of a forged bar which include: round bars, square bars, flat bars, and hex bars.


Forged Metal Blocks

Our custom forged blocks exhibit high strength, ductility and ease of machining plus parts manufactured from forged blocks perform well in high-pressure and high-wear applications.


Open Die Gear Blanks

Customers from any industry that uses gears can request a quote on any quantity forged gear blanks, from one-at-a-time prototypes and low volumes to large production runs.


Open Die Forged Shafts

Forged shaft diameters range from 2 inches up to 84 inches and lengths up to 39 feet and can also produce hollow bored shafts.


Forged Step Shaft

We use an open die forging process to produce shafts with tight tolerances, high strength, excellent impact resistance, and high wear resistance.


Forged Discs

Forged discs can be defined as a round where the OD exceeds the length. Forged hubs are essentially step shafts that may have equal or unequal steps on each end.


Forged Cylinders

The maximum length of forged sleeves, forged cylinders, and blind cylinders is restricted by the wall thickness and outside diameter.


Custom forged shapes

All Metals & Forge Group can produce many custom shapes based on your forging drawing or finished part print.

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All of our forgings meet ASTM, AMS, AISI, ASME, Boeing, SAE, GE, DIN, ASME B 16.5, ASME B16.47 and API 6A specifications. Capabilities include forging, heat treating, and machining: 250 RMS; 125 RMS; finish to print parts, DFARS, ITARS compliance.

For a complete list of alloys that can be open die forged or made into seamless rolled rings, please see our Forging Capabilities Chart.

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In the U.S. 1 (973) 276-5000 / 1 (800) 600-9290.

In Canada 1 (416) 363-2244.

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