Tool Steel D3

Principal Design Features

D3 is an oil hardening, high Carbon/ Chromium type tool steel with very high wear resistance. It hardens with a very slight change in size. The alloy possesses very high compressive strength and is deep hardening.


D3 is used in tooling applications requiring a high degree of accuracy in hardening, such as draw dies, forming rolls, powder metal tooling and blanking and forming dies.


The machinability rating of D3 is roughly 25% that of free machining carbon steel 1018.. Due to its abrasion resistant nature, machining in the hardened condition should be limited to finish grinding.

Heat Treatment

Maximum properties are achieved through the process of hardening and tempering. See the processes below. For maximum accuracy, parts should be stress relieved after roughing operations. Stress relieve at 1200F for one hour and cool slowly.


Annealing should be performed in a controlled atmosphere furnace. Heat thoroughly to 1600 F and cool slowly, at a rate of not more than 20 F per hour, until furnace is black. Material may then be removed and air cooled.


After cooling to room temperature, parts should be tempered immediately. Place parts in the tempering furnace and raise slowly to desired tempering temperature. Temper for 1 hour per inch of thickness.


Do not overheat this material, it is very sensitive to overheating and will not achieve maximum hardness if heated improperly. Harden by placing the work directly into a furnace preheated to 1750F and soak for 20-25 minutes, plus 5 minutes per inch of th

Density: 0.284

Specific Gravity: 7.86

MoETensile: 30


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