Tool Steel A10

Principal Design Features

This alloy is one of the Cold Work, Medium Air Hardening type tool steels. It contains chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and manganese to promote deep hardening without quenching. This keeps distortion at a minimum upon hardening.


Typically used for thread rolling dies and other intricate die shapes.


As with all of the tool steel alloys the machinability of A10 is medium, similar to the low alloy steels. It has a machinability rating of about 85% that of the simple alloy water hardening tool steels (W group) which are rated at 100% for reference.


Forming is done by means of machining or hot forging.


A10 is an alloy steel and thus capable of being welded. Consult the alloy supplier for details.

Heat Treatment

Preheat slowly to 1200 F then raise the temperature to 1475 F and hold for 45 to 60 minutes. Remove and air cool (the alloy is air hardening as the quench medium).


The forging temperature range is rather narrow of A10. Forge at 1875 F down to 1650 F. Do not forge below 1600 F.

Hot Working

Other than forging it is not usual practice to hot work this alloy. Consult the alloy supplier regarding hot working.

Cold Working

The alloy may be cold worked in the annealed condition by conventional methods.


Anneal at 1425 F and very slow furnace cool at a rate of 25 F per hour or less.


Not applicable to this alloy.


Temper at 400 F to 800 F. This will result in developing a hardness of approximately Rockwell C 62 for the low temperature to Rockwell C 55 for the 800 F temper.


This alloy hardens by heat treatment. See “Heat Treatment” and “Tempering”.

Other Comments

A10 alloy has high wear resistance and medium toughness.

Density: 0.284

Specific Gravity: 7.85

Melting Point: 2590

MoETensile: 28


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