Forged Carbon Steel

Popular Carbon Steel Alloys:

All Metals & Forge Group manufactures high quality custom forged carbon steel parts for industrial applications. Our forged parts are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and are fully inspected and tested. We offer a wide range of shapes, including:

Carbon Steel Valve

Carbon Steel Alloys

Carbon steel is available in grades from C1006 up to C1095, with the carbon increasing from 0.06% to 0.95%. The range of both carbon and manganese contents in carbon steels allows for development of a very wide range of strength, toughness and wear resistance values. Increases in carbon and manganese result in increased strength and hardness following heat treatment, and the optimum combinations of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance may be obtained within the appropriate carbon steel analysis ranges.

Ring Gear Forged from Carbon Steel

We may consider steels up to 0.3% as low carbon, then to 0.6% as medium carbon. and above this value as high carbon.

All Metals & Forge Group maintains a full inventory of carbon steels. See our full list of alloys

Inventory of of Carbon Steel