International Metal Specifications Cross Reference Database

This International Metals Specifications Cross-Reference database compares the World’s ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys as classified in the 58 systems of 36 countries. The equivalency of materials in the cross-reference was determined by comparing the chemical compositions associated with each of the 100,000+ designations. Although the database places an emphasis on the Unified Numbering System (UNS) for correlation, chemistry is the only valid measure of the equivalence or near equivalence of a metal or metal alloy. Nonetheless, when results are obtained from the database, they are for definition and comparative purposes only, and should not be used or relied upon for material specification or design.

INSTRUCTIONS: To use this database, enter a material designation in one system, and select the country you want for the equivalent result. For example, if you have the German DIN specification 1.4301 and want to know the equivalent material in the U.S., enter 1.4301 in the “Enter Specification here” box and then select the country from the drop down list in the “Select Country for result” box and click on “Search.” If there is a correlation in the database, it will return those results.


NOTE: Not all agencies have issued a specification for the chemistry of every metal or metal alloy recorded in the database. If you encounter “No Results” while using the database, that means that a valid cross-reference is not available within the database, based upon chemical equivalence or near chemical equivalence, or that the country selected in the search has not issued a specification for a metal or metal alloy that chemically correlates to the specification entered in the search.

The data contained in the database have been compiled from a variety of sources for reference purposes only. You are responsible for referring to the published standards before taking or refraining from taking any action on the basis of any result obtained from the database. The standards for metal and metal alloys contained in the database are available from their respective standards organizations or issuing agencies and are the definitive document to be relied upon for specifying, purchasing or working materials. Therefore,, All Metals & Forge Group, and its owners shall be held harmless from any and all liability for loss or damage arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information obtained through the database related to the chemical properties of any metal or metal alloy or cross-reference from any one metal or metal alloy or specification from one country to any other metal or metal alloy or specification to another country.

COUNTRIES and their associated system STANDARDS ACRONYMS

The following chart contains the countries and the standards acronyms generally in use in those countries.

Australia ADC, AS Netherlands (Holland) NEN
Austria ONORM Norway MSF, NS
Belgium NBN Pan American COPANT
Brazil ABNT Poland PN
Bulgaria BDS Portugal DGQ
Canada­ Alcan, CSA PRC (China) GB, YB
Czechoslovakia CSN Romania STAS
Denmark DS South Africa SABS
Finland SFS Sweden SS
France AFNOR, AIR, NF Switzerland VSM
Germany, Dem R. TGL Turkey TS
Germany, Fed R. DIN, Stoff Nr United Kingdom B.S., BS-L, DTD
   (Werkstoffnummern) USA UNS
Hungary MSZ USA Government DoD, FEDERAL,
International ISO USA Society AA, AISI, AMS, ASME,
Italy UNI USSR (Russia) GOST
Japan JIS Yugoslavia JUS
Luxembourg NBN
Mexico DGN




AA Aluminum Association (USA) FEDERAL USA Government
ABNT Brazil GB PRC (China)
ADC Australia GOST USSR (Russia)
AECMA Europe IS India
AFNOR France ISO International
AIR France JIS Japan
AISI American Iron and Steel JUS Yugoslavia
Institute (USA) MILITARY USA Government
Alcan Canada MSF Norway
AMS Aerospace Material MSZ Hungary
Specifications (USA) NBN Belgium, Luxembourg
AS Australia NEN Netherlands (Holland)
ASME American Society of NF France
Mechanical Engineers (USA) NS Norway
ASTM American Society for Testing ONORM Austria
and Materials (USA) PN Poland
AWS American Welding Society SABS South Africa
(USA) SAE Society of Automotive
BDS Bulgaria      Engineers (USA)
B.S. United Kingdom SFS Finland
BS-L United Kingdom SI Israel
CDA Copper Development SS Sweden
Association (USA)
COPANT Pan American


Carbon Steels

Carbon-Manganese Steels

Resulfurized Steels

Free-Machining Steels

Boron Treated Steels

Alloy Steels

Stainless Steels

Tool Steels

Cast Carbon Steels

Cast Alloy and Stainless Steels

Cast Irons

High Alloy Cast Irons



Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys

Nickel and Nickel Alloys

Titanium and Titanium Alloys

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Cast Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys

Cast Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys


High Copper Alloys


Phosphor Bronzes

Aluminum and Silicon Bronzes

Copper-Nickel and Nickel Silvers

Cast Coppers

Cast High Copper Alloys

Cast Brasses