Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Materials Textbook

The Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials Textbook is used at All Metals & Forge Group as a training tool so that staff members gain an understanding of the metal families and their respective properties. The Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Materials textbook is a great resource to gain a broader understanding of ferrous materials such as the different types of steels and iron based superalloys, and also non-ferrous materials like aluminum, copper, nickel, and more.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous forgings

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Chapters on Ferrous Metals Chapters on Non-Ferrous Metals
Alloy Steel Aluminum
Carbon Steel Beryllium
HSLA Steel Copper
Iron-based superalloys Magnesium
Nickel Refractory Metals
Stainless Steel Titanium
Steels for Strength Zirconium
Tool Steel