Jethete M151™

General Characteristics of Jethete M151™

Jethete M151 resists corrosion from condensation or other factors and is ideal for applications with difficult-to-inspect interior surfaces. Strong and transformable, this stainless steel is appropriate for welding.

Chemical Composition of Jethete M151™

  • Carbon 0.15 max
  • Manganese 1.75 max
  • Silicon 0.35 max
  • Nickel 1.0-2.0
  • Chromium 11.0-13.0
  • Molybdenum 0.5-0.7
  • Vanadium 0.20-0.45
  • Iron remainder

Heat Treatment of Jethete M151™

  • Anneal by heating to 1292°F (700°C), then air cooling
  • Harden
    • Heat to 1922°F (1050°C)
    • Air quench
    • Temper at 932° to 1292°F (500° to 700°C)

Applications of Jethete M151™

  • Structural parts for gas turbines

Weldabilty of Jethete M151™

  • Argon arc methods provide acceptable mechanical properties and consistent structure
  • Heat treatment pre- and post-welding assures high tensile strength

Workability of Jethete M151™

  • Once annealed, can be bent, drawn or spun
  • Easily forged – preheat to 1400° to 1450°F (760° to 788°C); quickly heat to 2050° to 2102°F (1121° to 1150°C). Forge above 1450°F (788°C) only
  • Cool to 212°F (100°C); quickly anneal at 1256° to 1292°F (680° to 700°C), then  air cool

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