Invar 42 Alloy

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
0.05 max
Mn Manganese
Si Silicon
Ni Nickel
Fe Iron

General Characteristics of Invar 42 Alloy

Invar 42 is a 41 percent nickel-iron controlled expansion alloy that has been used in a wide variety of glass-to-metal sealing applications


The alloy is used for glass-to-metal seals in electronic tubes, automotive and industrial lamps, transformer and capacitor bushings and other glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal applications.


Forging stock should be heated quickly to 2150/2200ºF (1175/1205ºC) and soaked for a short time only to avoid penetration of sulfur and oxygen from the reheat furnace atmosphere. Forging should not be performed below 1700/1800ºF (925/980ºC), but advice should be taken on actual finishing temperatures and their effects on material properties.


Again, as with Invar 36, machining of this alloy is not easy, and the same recommendations regarding positive feeds and overpowered equipment are in order.


The alloy may be welded using conventional methods.


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