Inconel 617 Alloy

General Characteristics of Inconel 617 Alloy

This is a high temperature nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy that is both corrosion and oxidation resistant.

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
Mn Manganese
1.00 max
Si Silicon
1.00 max
Fe Iron
3.00 max
Cr Chromium
Co Cobalt
Mo Molybdenum
Cu Copper
0.50 max
Al Aluminium
Ti Titanium
0.60 max
B Boron
0.006 max
Ni Nickel


The alloy’s uses include gas turbine engine ducting and combustion liners. Alloy 617 also finds uses in chemical processing due to its resistance to a wide range of aqueous corrosive media.


The alloy works well and forging may be carried out between 2200/1850ºF (1010/1205ºC), with lighter reductions possible down to 1700ºF (925ºC).

Heat treatment

There are two basic heat treatments for this alloy. For applications involving high service temperatures, parts are solution annealed at 2050/2150ºF (1120/1180ºC) followed by air cooling, or more rapid cooling.
For intermediate heat treatments between cold-forming operations, where a finer grain size is required, parts are annealed at 1900ºF (1040ºC). This alloy has a high work hardening rate. Hence process annealing is required between large cold-work reductions.


The alloy may be readily machined providing low speeds and positive feeds are used, together with rigid tooling and heavy equipment.


The alloy may be welded by gas-shielded processes, using either tungsten or consumable electrodes. Post-weld heat treatment is not necessary.

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