Forged Gears

If it rolls and has power behind it…it needs gears.  There are hundreds of different types of gears that are used in many scores of industries, used in many different environments and have many different requirements to fulfill its intended application or need.  There are volumes of books and papers written on the topic.  So we won’t burden you with all the possible details on this industry.  However, if you go to our Forging Capabilities Chart you can see how we can help your company with a broad selection of materials, size and weight capabilities to satisfy your needs with efficient, cost effective and reliable deliveries.

All Metals & Forge Group produces seamless rolled rings for domestic and international markets since 1972.  Our size range is from 6 inches (152mm) to 108” inches (2743mm) with a maximum weight of 80,000 lbs (36,286 kg).

Forged Parts for the Gear Industry Include:

Custom Forged Gears

  • Gear Blanks
  • Seamless Rolled Rings
  • Pinion Shafts
  • Sleeves
  • Step Downs
  • Hubs, single & double
  • Spindles
  • Center Hubs
  • Couplings
  • Flanges

All Metals & Forge Group, as an ISO registered forging manufacturer, has a vast inventory (300 alloys & grades) on the floor which will aid you in the quickest deliveries, high quality and extremely competitive products! To see our Forging Capability Chart for complete inventory availability, size and weight capability Click Here