Forgings manufactured for the Defense Industry

All Metals & Forge Group has played a strong role in the United States Defense Industries for many decades servicing Navy, Air Force Ground Troop Defense Organizations. Needless to say, the material must be of the highest quality, exceptional expertise and technical know how. This we pride ourselves.

Some of our valued clients and partners are:

Defense forgings

  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Rolls Royce
  • ATK
  • General Dynamics
  • GE Aircraft Engine Division
  • plus many thousands of their sub tier vendors.

All Metals & Forge Group, as an ISO registered forging manufacturer, has a vast inventory (300 alloys & grades) on the floor which will aid you in the quickest deliveries, high quality and extremely competitive products! To see our Forging Capability Chart for complete inventory availability, size and weight capability Click Here

Our US Government Cage Number is:  60YG0

Defense forgings