Custom 455 Stainless Steel

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
11.0 – 12.5
Mn Manganese
0.50 max
P Phosphorus
0.04 max
S Sulfur
0.03 max
Si Silicon
0.50 max
Cr Chromium
0.80 – 1.10
Mo Molybdenum
0.50 max
Ni Nitrogen
7.5 – 9.5
Cu Copper
1.50 – 2.50
Cb% + Ta% Niobium
0.10 – 0.50
Ti Titanium
0.80 – 1.40

General characteristics of Custom 455 Stainless Steel

This is a martensitic, age-hardenable stainless steel with good atmospheric corrosion resistance. The alloy is soft and formable when annealed and may be brought to high strengths by a single-step aging treatment, while maintaining good ductility and toughness.


This alloy should be considered where a combination of simplicity of heat treatment, ease of fabrication, high strength and corrosion resistance is required. Excellent resistance to oxidation is obtained up to 1100ºF (595ºC).


The alloy is easily forged within the temperature range 2300/1650F (1260/900ºC), but for optimum grain size and mechanical properties the material to be forged should be uniformly heated to 1900/2100ºF (1040/1150ºC), soaked and forged to finish at 1700/1500ºF (930/815ºC). Forgings should be air cooled and then annealed.

Heat treatment

Solution treatment/annealing is carried out at 1500/1550ºF (815/845ºC) for a one hour soak, followed by rapid cooling.

Age/precipitation hardening is performed at 900/1050ºF (480/570ºC) for 4 hours, followed by air cooling. An optimum combination of strength, ductility and toughness results from the 900ºF (480ºC) treatment.


The machining characteristics of this alloy are similar to those of the nickel maraging steels. Rigid tooling and equipment, slow speeds and positive feeds are required, along with adequate quantities of coolant.


The alloy is readily welded by the shielded fusion and resistance processes. Oxyacetylene welding is not recommended due to the danger of carbon pickup in the weld area. No preheat is required when welding this alloy.An optimum combination of strength, ductility and corrosion resistance is obtained by solution annealing welded parts prior to aging.


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