Aluminum 7075

Principal Design Features

The 7075 alloy is capable of high strength as developed by heat treating. It also has excellent properties at low temperatures.


Commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace applications not requiring the corrosion resistance of Clad 7075.


It is best to machine this alloy in the annealed condition. Machining capability is good and oil lubricants should be used.


This alloy is comparatively strong for an aluminum alloy. As such it produces greater springback during forming operations. Forming is best done in the annealed condition and if difficulty is encountered then warming the material to 200 – 250 F will assist formability.


Resistance welding is the only preferred method of joining AL 7075 alloy. Gas welding should be avoided and use of arc welding may result in degradation of corrosion resistance.

Heat Treatment

This alloy may be solution annealed at 900 F for 2 hours at temperature, followed by a water quench. The alloy may then be given a precipitation hardening (aging) heat treatment — see “Aging”.


The alloy may be forged in the temperature range of 900 F to 700 F. It should be solution heat treated following forging.

Hot Working

Warming the material to 250 F will greatly assist formability.

Cold Working

Cold working is readily accomplished with the alloy in the soft, annealed, condition. Conventional forming methods may be used, but springback is greater for this alloy than for other of the aluminum alloys.


The temperature for annealing AL 7075 alloy is 775 F, holding at temperature for 3 hours. Controlled cooling at 50 F per hour should then be used down to 500 F from which it can then be air cooled.


Precipitation strengthening (aging) is done at 250 F for 24 hours and air cooled for T 6. The T 73 temper requires heating to 225 F for 8 hours followed by 24 hours at 325 F and air cooling.


Not applicable.


Hardens by precipitation heat treatment — see “Aging”.

Other Physical Properties

Electrical conductivity 36% of copper.

Other Mechanical Properties

Shear strength in O condition is 22 ksi and for the T6 condition it is 48 ksi.

Density: 0.101

Specific Gravity: 2.81

Melting Point: 900

MoETensile: 10.4

MoETorsion: 3.8


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