Aluminum 6063

Principal Design Features

This is generally considered to be an extrusion alloy that is heat treatable for strengthening.


Commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, windows, stair rails, and in pipe railing. Commonly used in architectural extrusions.


Machinability is considered to be average for this alloy.


Forming ability, either hot or cold, is good.


The alloy is readily welded by all of the conventional methods. Filler rod should be of the same alloy or AL 4043 alloy.

Heat Treatment

Solution heat treat at 970 F for 1 hour followed by water quench. This produces T 4 temper. Other tempers are accomplished by aging.


Hot forging may be done in the range of 500 F to 950 F.

Hot Working

Hot working, as with forging, may be done at temperatures above 500 F up to maximum of 950 F.

Cold Working

Cold working characteristics are good for all conventional forming methods.


Anneal at 775 F for 3 hours and use controlled cooling at rate of 50 F per hour down to 500 F. Then air cool.


Aging is done at a temperature of 350 F for 8 hours for T 6 and T 62 tempers. Age at 360 F for 3 hours to get T5 temper.


Not applicable.


Hardens due to aging heat treatment and cold working. See “Aging”.

Other Physical Properties

Electrical conductivity 50% of copper.

Other Mechanical Properties

Shear strength for various tempers is: O temper 10, ksi . T 5 temper 17 ksi. T 83 temper 22 ksi

Density: 0.097

Specific Gravity: 2.7

Melting Point: 1150

MoETensile: 10

MoETorsion: 3


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