Aluminum 2014

Principal Design Features

This is a precipitation hardening alloy with good strength after heat treatment.


Commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft structures, and truck frames.


Machinability is good in the annealed condition, somewhat more difficult in the heat treated conditions. For lathe cutting use 15 degree top rake, 20 degree side rake and 10 degree clearance. Use of a lubricant, such as oil or kerosene, is recommended for all machining.


The alloy may be formed by conventional means. However tight bend radius should be avoided and forming is best done in the T4 or T3 temper.


Welding should be done by inert gas consumable electrode arc method for best results. The alloy is subject to cracking during welding so fixturing should be arranged for minimum strain. Use either 2014 or 2017 alloy filler rod.

Heat Treatment

Heat at 935 F for sufficient time for thorough heating of part then water quench. This produces T4 temper. Various tempers are derived after this heat treatment by subsequent cold work.


Forging should be done in the temperature range of 750 to 850 F.

Hot Working

Hot working is accomplished in the range of 300 to 400 F.

Cold Working

The alloy is readily cold worked in the T3 and T4 tempers and is more difficult to form in other tempers. Tight bend radii should be avoided.


Anneal at 775 F for 2 to 3 hours followed by controlled cooling at 50 F per hour down to 500 F. Then air cool.


Not applicable to this alloy


See “Hardening”


Hardening is accomplished by a precipitation heat treatment at 935 F followed by water quench. This produces T4 temper. Other tempers (mechanical properties) result from additional cold work after this treatment and then by a 320 F heat treatment for

Other Physical Properties

Electrical conductivity 33% of copper

Other Mechanical Properties

Shear strength: O (annealed) temper 18 ksi, T4 temper 38 ksi, T6 temper 42 ksi

Density: 0.101

Specific Gravity: 2.8

Melting Point: 950

MoETensile: 10.6

MoETorsion: 4


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