Aluminum Alloys and Shapes

Forging Inventory of Aluminum

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Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloys are materials made up of two or more metals. They are designed with specific purposes in mind, usually by industries that have requirements for their components. Some alloys were developed for corrosion resistance, and others for tensile strength, while some maintain their integrity under high pressure and extreme temperature conditions. Many specialty alloys were made specifically for certain industries, such as aerospace or nuclear.

The requirements of these industries dictates the kind of aluminum alloy that is created and used. Common elements that are alloyed to steel to produce aluminum are copper, manganese, silicon, magnesium and zinc. All compositions are registered by the Aluminum Association, and given a designation that is used throughout the steel industry.

All Metals & Forge handles specialty aluminum alloys for metal-using industry such as defense, petrochemical and aerospace. They are a major supplier and forging facility for machine shops that service these industries, as well. Their custom forging shop can forge any aluminum alloy using the open die and seamless rolled ring methods.

All Metals & Forge has an extensive database of common and hard-to-find aluminum alloys. If you can’t find your steel, or are having trouble getting the size batch or custom shape you need, contact All Metals & Forge. They have the resources to supply almost any aluminum alloy, from any source. They can be reached at (973)276-5000, or email at


Aluminum Alloy Properties

The properties of each recognized aluminum alloy are seen in their designations. Each aluminum alloy is given a four-digit number from 1000 to 8000, with a letter and number attached that indicate the temper, or condition, of the alloy. Alloys in the 1000s are 99% pure, with few or no additional elements added to them. Alloys in the 7000s are aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys, and other number designations indicate other combinations of elements.

Alloys are also grouped by their ability to be either cold or heat formed. Work-hardening alloys achieve their strength by cold working, and precipitation-hardening alloys achieve their properties through various methods of heat treating. All Metals & Forge is a premier supplier of aluminum alloys and products to industry. They carry even hard-to-find alloys and specialty steel.

All Metals & Forge also has a custom forging shop, where any shape and material can be forged using open die and seamless rolled ring forging methods. Check out their extensive database of available metals, and the many value-added services they provide. All Metals & Forge can hot and cold form your metal and provide all commonly used heat treating applications.

If you need close tolerance work done on your product, All Metals & Forge can accommodate. Cutting, machining and extrusion are specialties. All Metals & Forge conforms to strict standards of quality, and their ISO 9000 and AS 9000 certifications ensure that your product is produced and documented properly. Contact AM&F at (973)276-5000 or email at for the latest metallurgical information, project assistance or competitive pricing on your specialty aluminum alloy.


Aluminum Bars

Aluminum bars can be used as starting stock when designing and machining steel components. When melted down, a bar can be the ideal form from which to make a variety of custom shapes. As a full-service steel supply center and custom forging facility, All Metals & Forge can melt any alloy into the ingots that steel-using industries use to make their own aluminum bars.

Using air and vacuum melting processes, All Metals & Forge will melt down any aluminum alloy, including designer alloys, for use as starting stock. They also make custom shapes in their forging shop, where open die and seamless rolled ring forging techniques create contour rings, disks, hubs and shafts. Bars up to 40,000 pounds and up to 72 inches in width can be produced in-house, with a minimum of waste.

Cost-effective forging methods and state-of-the-art facilities make All Metals & Forge the first choice in steel supply and custom forging for a number of high-tech industries and the machine shops that supply them. Any aluminum alloy, even obsolete or foreign compositions, can be obtained or designed through All Metals & Forge. If the alloy you need is not in their database, the experts at AM&F can help you create it to your specifications.

Using the open die forging method, All Metals & Forge makes aluminum bars in a wide range of sizes for almost any application. Their expertise extends to creating business solutions, as well. Simplify the process of obtaining the steel you need, and getting the custom parts that are critical to your daily operations. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at for aluminum bars and other custom steel products.


Aluminum Cylinders

Custom aluminum forging involves making specified shapes using both cold and hot forming methods. Steel is melted down and either rolled or pressed into a number of forms, including bars rings and cylinders. Aluminum cylinders can be used as starting stock that is cut and machined into any shape, including automotive and aerospace components.

Many steel-using industries use aluminum cylinders for stock from which to create their pieces. The kind of alloy used depends on the application. All Metals & Forge uses open die forging techniques to make cylinders up to 72″ O.D. and 96″ in length. Cylinders can be made out of specialty steel and any common aluminum alloy, and even foreign or hard-to-find compositions.

All Metals & Forge specializes in creating cost-effective solutions to steel supply needs. A custom forging facility, steel supply center and the benefit of an experienced Solutions Team to assist with the design of your steel parts makes AM&F a leading steel supplier. Ask about inventory management of your cylinders and other steel parts. All Metals & Forge can store your pieces and ship them as needed.

Other programs exist that help businesses get the right steel parts for the job, at a cost they can live with. Consultants work with you on your designs, and an extensive selection of steel products ensures that you will find what you are looking for. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at The solutions to your steel supply needs can be found at AM&F.


Aluminum Discs

Aluminum disks for industry are made with alloys designed for their specific uses. The automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and defense industries, as well as OEMs, machine shops and general metalworking businesses rely on forging shops for disks made of custom-designed or stock aluminum alloy. Using an open die forging technique, a qualified forging facility can make disks of varying sizes to suit any need.

All Metals & Forge specializes in open die forging of aluminum alloys and specialty steel products. Aluminum disks and hubs up to 40,000 pounds and 80 inches in diameter can be custom forged to your specifications. They handle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including nickel, cobalt and special alloys.

All Metals & Forge is a leading provider of aluminum products to industry. If the steel you are looking for is not listed in their extensive database, they will help you design it, melt it and create any custom form for your specific purpose. With the resources and expertise to create not only steel products but solutions to supply issues, All Metals & Forge is uniquely qualified to handle almost any request for aluminum and specialty steel products.

For aluminum disks and hubs of any size, made to your design requirements, contact All Metals & Forge. They provide solutions and products for your business, and the support that will make your project run smoothly. Call at (973)276-5000 or email at See the difference that working with a leader in the steel supply industry makes to your business.


Aluminum Forging

Industry relies on forged aluminum parts for critical components used on aircraft, vehicles and in applications that require high corrosion resistance. Aluminum maintains its integrity in corrosive and aqueous environments, and holds up well to temperature variations. When steel-using industries need cost-effective aluminum forging, they turn to the leaders in metal forging and steel supply.

All Metals & Forge is a leading supplier of specialty steel products and custom forging. Their extensive inventory of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and state-of-the-art forging facilities, make them the first choice for many businesses that cannot find the steel they need elsewhere. Custom forging is a specialty, and expert help at every stage of the process sets AM&F apart from other suppliers.

Business solutions are also available at All Metals & Forge. From the planning stage to delivery of the finished product, the AM&F Solutions Team is with you, ensuring that your product is handled properly and in accordance with ISO 9000 and AS 9000 procedures. All proper documentation is provided, and your steel products are made to your exact specifications.

All Metals & Forge has built a reputation on quality steel products and solutions that work for their customers. They can solve your steel supply issues, and become your partner in the design and production of your steel parts. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000, or email at, for information about how you can start benefiting from the expertise of the industry leader in steel products and aluminum forging.


Aluminum Forgings

Aluminum is a versatile and corrosion-resistant material that can be forged into a number of shapes for use by industry. Open die, seamless rolled ring and contour ring forging produces a variety of forms that maintain their strength and integrity in even high-pressure environments. Cost-effective aluminum forgings are available through qualified forging facilities.

All Metals & Forge is a leading supplier of high-quality steel and custom forgings. Aluminum forms are their specialty, and they have many kinds of standard and specialty metals from which to choose. The forging shop can forge aluminum rings, bars, cylinders, disks and shafts up to 40,000 pounds in weight, and 220 feet in length. Even if your shape or steel product is not listed, All Metals & Forge can find a solution for you, or obtain your steel from mill stock.

All Metals & Forge has the tools and expertise to create aluminum forgings of exceptional quality, out of almost any metal. Check out their site for a wealth of metallurgical information and options for your steel supply needs. All Metals & Forge can even obtain hard-to-find metals, and assist with creating a designer alloy for your specific requirements.

For aluminum forgings that conform to the highest standards of quality, contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at Their team of experts will show you how to get the best steel forgings for your money, and the professional support that only an industry leader can provide.


Aluminum Material Properties

For the manufacturer or end user of aluminum products, knowledge of the available materials and their applications is critical to any project. The properties of aluminum alloys determine their uses for industry, as well as the machining and treating methods that must be used. As a major supplier of steel products and custom forgings, All Metals & Forge is a prime resource for the metallurgical information that helps businesses make supply decisions.

Pure aluminum is remarkably strong for its weight. Cold forming and the addition of other elements adds even more strength, critical for certain applications. During heat forming, aluminum alloys are precipitation-hardened using a solution. These forming methods produce aluminum components that are durable and tolerant of extreme temperatures. All Metals & Forge specializes cold and hot forging, machining and treating of aluminum alloys.

The AM&F team offers a host of services for metal-using industry, including engineering and design assistance, consultation during each project and the benefit of long term contracts. These business solutions are designed to bring supplier and customer together to solve problems related to the production and inventory of steel products. All Metals & Forge also offers a wealth of information about the properties of aluminum and other metals, accessed by an easy to navigate site.

For information about aluminum and the methods of forming specialty metals, visit the All Metals & Forge site, or contact the AM&F team at (973)276-5000 or email at As a leading supplier of steel products to both foreign and domestic markets, All Metals & Forge knows metals like no one else.


Aluminum Plates

Aluminum is commonly forged into plates, which can then be machined into any part. As defined by the Aluminum Association, a plate is a steel form of at least one-quarter inch thick, which distinguishes it from metal sheet or foil. All aluminum alloys can be formed into plates, which are rolled products with a variety of end uses such as mold applications, automotive goods, tools and fixtures.

Aluminum plate is versatile for many end uses. All Metals & Forge makes aluminum plate from dozens of alloys. Their state-of-the-art forging facility handles all aluminum alloys, and can cold or hot form most metals into standard and custom shapes. All Metals & Forge utilizes air and vacuum melting processes to turn aluminum into slab for machining into plates, sheets, strips and bars.

All Metals & Forge also applies coatings and heat treating, and can machine any aluminum plate to your specifications. As the premier North American supplier of specialty steel, All Metals & Forge is uniquely qualified to handle any need, including designer and obsolete steel compositions. If others cannot get it, we can help.

Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at, for aluminum plate that conforms to the highest standards of quality. Their team of experts will find solutions to your steel supply needs, and provide you with the information and services that help you get the job done right.


Aluminum Plate Suppliers

If you have a regular need for aluminum plate, you need a reliable supplier of high-quality product with a fast turn around time. All Metals & Forge is a leading provider of aluminum plate and specialty steel to industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, this premier steel supplier has the resources and expertise to create high-quality steel and aluminum products in any shape, as well as provide a number of value-added services.

Aluminum plate can be made from slabs of melted alloy, and machined to your specifications. All Metals & Forge is a full-service forging facility that has the capability to make any component using open die and seamless rolled ring forging techniques. Cost-effective contour rings are also available.

Plates can be made from all aluminum alloys, and heat treated as needed. All Metals & Forge will make your aluminum plate, and ship to your door, or hold it to be shipped on a schedule. Long term contracts allow you to manage your inventory, and your costs, more effectively. The AM&F team will assist you in finding the solutions to your steel supply problems.

For high-quality aluminum plate at competitive prices, contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at AM&F is ISO 9000 certified, and was the first steel supplier in the United States to get the AS 9000 certification for aerospace steel products. They have the resources to get even hard-to-find steel quickly, and forge your specialty steel on-site.


Aluminum Products

Aluminum is the base material from which thousands of industrial and commercial products are manufactured. In 2004, the annual demand for aluminum by business and industry totaled almost 25 billion pounds, a figure that rises by about six percent each year. Almost half of all aluminum products are in the form of sheet, plate and foil, forged for the purpose of machining into components.

Specialty aluminum alloys have been developed for the various steel-using industries, particularly the aerospace, refining and automotive industries. These alloys are designed for strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. Many retain these qualities even in extreme conditions, such as immersion in salt water and high pressure. Strict standards of quality and integrity characterize these high tech aluminum components, which are integral parts of airframes, vehicles and nuclear reactors.

All Metals & Forge is a leading steel supply center and forging facility, with the tools and resources to provide the high-quality metal required for the fabrication of today’s high-performance components. As a supplier to major markets both foreign and domestic, All Metals & Forge has built a reputation for effectively solving any steel supply problem.

All Metals & Forge can produce your aluminum forms with a fast turn around time, and machine custom-designed aluminum products to your specifications. Value-added services include extrusion, heat treating and hot and cold forming. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at when you need your specialty aluminum, and the expertise of industry leaders in steel supply.


Aluminum Properties

Aluminum is a metal compound that is lightweight, malleable and corrosion-resistant. It was developed in the 19th century, and for many years was considered a precious metal. Its versatility for commercial and industrial use makes aluminum an increasingly popular choice for automotive, aerospace and chemical processing components.

Aluminum alloys are comprised of a combination of various metals, namely aluminum, magnesium, copper, silicone and zinc. These elements give aluminum its strength and ability to endure extremes of temperature and stress without losing its integrity. When used in aircraft parts, specialty aluminum alloy gives planes their lightweight strength.

All Metals & Forge is a supplier of aluminum to industry. Their supply center and forging company specialize in the hard-to-find steel that other suppliers simply cannot provide. Open die and seamless rolled ring forging creates custom shapes of almost any size, and special-design extrusions are no problem. All Metals & Forge can hot and cold form your steel, and apply appropriate finishes.

All Metals & Forge is ready to help you with your steel supply issues. Their expertise ensures that your aluminum is handled according to its properties, machined and finished to your specifications and delivered to you on time and as agreed. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at for a wealth of metallurgical information, and the best source for specialty aluminum in the industry.


Aluminum Rings

Aluminum rings can be forged using open die and seamless rolled ring techniques. Contoured rings are cost-effective products that require less machining and save material, as well. Rings are used in industry for a wide variety of purposes, and can range in size from just centimeters in diameter to well over 20 feet. A qualified forging company will have the capability to make aluminum rings from any starting stock, to any specification.

All Metals & Forge is a leading supplier of aluminum products to industry. Their custom forging facility makes aluminum rings using the open die and seamless rolled ring methods, and they can both hot and cold form any metal. An extensive selection of billet aluminum and custom forging capabilities allow rings of up to 160″ O.D. and 65″ in length to be produced on-site. Design assistance and specialty steel forging are available.

Aluminum rings are contoured, rolled or hand forged according to your design requirements. All Metals & Forge can even solve inventory problems with long term contracts that set up a continuous production and shipment schedule, eliminating the need for customers to store their steel. This is ideal for companies with limited warehouse space who want to get their aluminum products at a fixed price over time.

This is just one of many business solutions offered by All Metals & Forge. Contact them at (973)276-5000 or email at and find out how you can benefit from the expertise of the premier supplier of aluminum rings and other steel products. All Metals & Forge can make a difference for your business, by providing high-quality forged steel products at competitive prices.


Aluminum Round Bar

Aluminum round bars are made by the extrusion process, whereby the material is pushed through a die in much the same way that toothpaste is squeezed from the tube. Round bar stock is often used to make custom aluminum parts by forging and machining it into a desired shape. Round bar is used in the electric power industry, as it efficiently conducts electricity and resists corrosion.

All Metals & Forge is a leading supplier of steel products to industry, and they make aluminum round bar using the extrusion process in their forging facility. Bars are made to order, treated and finished using appropriate methods for the alloy. They can also machine bar stock by drilling, milling and double disk grinding. All Metals & Forge supplies starting stock for even hard-to-find metals.

Creating solutions to steel supply problems is a specialty at All Metals & Forge. Your aluminum round bar is made to your specifications, and long term contracts make it possible to get your steel at fixed pricing. Let the AM&F design team work with you to determine the right aluminum alloy for the application, and the best way to manage your inventory.

Getting high-quality round aluminum bar is not hard when you work with the experts at All Metals & Forge. They are industry leaders in steel supply and custom forging. Contact the AM&F Solutions Team? at (973)276-5000 or email at for answers to your questions and the expert advice that will simplify your projects.


Aluminum Round Tubing

Aluminum round tubing has many commercial and industrial uses. Small tubing can be bent to shape, and is often used by hobbyists and crafters. Tubing of every size is used to conduct electricity for power generation and it has a host of other uses, as well. Aluminum tubing is a versatile steel form that is made by extrusion from virtually any aluminum alloy.

All Metals & Forge makes aluminum round tubing, formed to your specifications and supplied in coils, straight lengths or cut pieces. Round tubing can be used in appliances, welding equipment, utility lines and in lab work. Let them know your specifications, and they will make your round tubing, treat and finish it with a fast turn around time. All Metals & Forge will produce aluminum forms that meet or exceed your design requirements and partner with you to ensure that the final product is satisfactory.

All Metals & Forge has a custom forging facility that will produce your aluminum tubing using strict quality guidelines. Their ISO 9000 certification ensures that your tubing conforms to high standards of quality in its production. With over 30 years of experience in the steel supply industry, All Metals & Forge has the resources to give you the tubing you want at a competitive price.

All Metals & Forge specializes in forging steel, and the relationships that build the industry. For aluminum round tubing custom designed for your needs, contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at They are a steel supply company committed to providing customers with high-quality aluminum round tubing, and a host of other steel products for business and industry.


Aluminum Shafts

Aluminum shafts are used in the automotive industry for drive shafts and suspension parts. High performance race cars utilize these lightweight aluminum parts extensively, as engineers strive to improve speeds and reduce corrosion due to high temperatures and stress. Street lighting is often made of aluminum shafts, as well.

The properties of aluminum make it an ideal metal for these high-wear environments, where the elements and temperature extremes would wreak havoc on steel. All Metals & Forge provides high-quality aluminum shafts for these applications, and can forge any aluminum alloy into custom shapes using open die and seamless rolled ring methods.

A state-of-the-art forging facility has the capability to create aluminum shafts as large as 220 inches in length and 40,000 pounds in weight. Specialty configurations, steps and flanges are not a problem, and any custom shaft can be produced with quick turn around time. All Metals & Forge is the premier supplier of steel and steel supply solutions for major steel-using markets.

Aluminum shafts and custom aluminum parts are a specialty at All Metals & Forge, where over 30 years of expertise, and the latest tooling and equipment produces superior results. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at for information on how you can get the aluminum shafts you need at competitive prices, and the help of qualified experts in the steel industry. The AM&F team is ready to go to work for you.


Aluminum Sheet Metal

The uses for aluminum sheet metal are varied, and it is a major component of automotive bodies and parts, mechanical equipment and the building of structures. To make it, aluminum is smelted from either scrap aluminum or bauxite ore, refined and poured into ingots or bars. It can then be rolled or molded into any shape, including sheets for both commercial and industrial applications.

Aluminum sheet metal is strong and lightweight, ductile and corrosion-resistant. It is the material of choice when these qualities make the product more efficient and longer-wearing. Aluminum also conducts electricity and heat well, making aluminum sheets ideal for the construction of furnaces and ductwork.

All Metals & Forge specializes in the forging of aluminum products, including sheet aluminum made and finished to order. Their forging facility and steel supply center produces custom shapes and designer alloys for industry, using the latest methods and most up-to-date standards of quality. Their ISO 9000 certification ensures that every AM&F product conforms to industry standards.

Aluminum sheet metal is versatile and strong for a variety of uses. All Metals & Forge makes high-quality sheet metal to your specifications, with fast turn around time and the manufacturing know-how that comes from years of industry experience. When you want your aluminum sheet metal, and the value-added services that make the difference to your bottom line, contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at


Aluminum Sleeves

Aluminum sleeves are used in the processing of aluminum parts. During the extrusion process, they can be a cost-effective substitute for corrugated cardboard that fits over metal spacers during heat treating. Sleeves are also useful for connecting metal tubing or ductwork pieces. Aluminum sleeves protect joints, and have applications in almost every major steel-using industry.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum sleeves are extruded using dies and crimping tools. They can be machine-threaded per customer specifications. All Metals & Forge is a steel supply center and forging company that machines, extrudes and forms metal using both hot and cold methods. Open die and seamless rolled ring forging are specialties, and value-added services such as heat treating and precision cutting make All Metals & Forge a one-stop source for all of your steel supply needs.

All Metals & Forge was the first forging company in the United States to receive AS 9000 certification for aerospace metal forging. They are qualified to handle specialty metals, and can make your aluminum sleeve to your custom design, or help you design your parts and determine your materials. Business solutions include project collaboration, designing of special alloys and inventory management. If you can’t find the steel you want, they can help you find or make it.

All Metals & Forge makes aluminum sleeves from high-quality aluminum alloys, extruded on-site and finished with anodizing solution or to customer specs. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at for more information on aluminum sleeves and other steel products, available through an industry leader in steel supply and custom forging.


Aluminum Strips

Aluminum strips are created from melted slab material, and can be machined into any form for a variety of purposes. They are often used as starting stock when making components for the automotive and aerospace industries. Home siding is also made from aluminum strips, rolled to the proper thickness and annealed.

All Metals & Forge is a leading supplier of aluminum strips. They can make strips from specialty aluminum or designer alloy, melted and processed in their forging shop using an extrusion method and finished per customer specifications. Aluminum strips are cut to length and machined for their specific purposes in electrical equipment and other industrial applications.

High-quality aluminum strips from All Metals & Forge are produced quickly and accurately, and priced competitively. The custom forging facility specializes in accommodating special orders, including obsolete and foreign metals. All Metals & Forge can create designer alloys, and use hot and cold forming methods to create forms of exceptional strength and durability.

When you need aluminum strips that are made to the highest standards of quality, contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at With the tools and resources to forge almost any steel product, All Metals & Forge is your best source for specialty steel and the steel supply solutions that simplify your production process.