Specialized Alloys used for the Aerospace Industry

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Aerospace Alloys

Specialized alloys make it possible for the aerospace industry to produce high-performance parts such as jet engine and airframes. These components must be able to withstand high pressure, intense heat and temperature variations that would stress ordinary metals to their breaking points. Without the technological breakthroughs that created aerospace alloys, air travel itself would be virtually impossible.

Aerospace Parts Made from Titanium Forgings

Titanium is a major component of aerospace alloys. This non-ferrous metal gives aerospace alloys their strength and ability to perform at extreme temperatures. The ratios of engine power to weight, airframe strength and other factors critical to jet performance could not be achieved without this specialty metal.

Inconel Alloys for Aerospace Applications

All Metals & Forge supplies aerospace alloys to a variety of markets, including the machine shops and contractors that produce aerospace components. Inconel and other high-tech alloys require specific machining and forging methods, in order to achieve satisfactory results. Being a leading steel supplier All Metals has the tooling and the expertise to handle all aerospace alloys, and can even create custom steel to your specifications.

All Metals & Forge specializes in custom forging with a quick turn around time. Their steel supply solutions will help you to manage your projects more efficiently, as well. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 or email at info@steelforge.com. They have the tools and resources to create aerospace alloys specially designed for your projects, and the expert help you need to keep your chain of production running smoothly.


Aerospace Forgings

Aerospace forgings are selected according to their properties, as forging methods affect strength and stress-corrosion resistance. Often, machining methods and heat treating procedures are involved in the process of creating custom steel forgings, and also must be chosen according to the material. Expert forging of aerospace alloys will result in a steel of exceptional strength and heat tolerance.

Forging allows custom shapes to be created from melted steel. When stock steel forms need to be modified for a specific use, the aerospace industry turns to the experts in custom forging. All Metals & Forge supplies stock and custom forged alloy parts to the aerospace industry. They can turn these high-tech materials into forged parts of superior strength and performance.

Jet engines, airframes and other aerospace components must be made to exacting specifications. All Metals & Forge will work with your design team to ensure that your parts not only conform to existing standards, but that they are being made in the most cost-effective way possible.

This is part of their service to our customers, and it sets them apart from the competition. When you order your aerospace forgings through All Metals & Forge, you get more than just a supplier of high-quality steel products. You get the services of the AM&FG Solutions Team that will be with you at every stage of your project. Contact All Metals & Forge at (973)276-5000 for more information on how they can create custom aerospace forgings for your next project.


Aerospace Material

Common aerospace materials include stainless steel, titanium and copper/brass alloys. They are designed to be strong and resistant to corrosion, as well as maintain their integrity in any temperature. These steel alloys are available in sheets, wire, bars, plate and other standard forms. They can also be custom forged, whereby they are melted and pressed into a specified shape.

How Aerospace Metals are Made

All Metals & Forge is a steel supplier and custom forge shop, where any aerospace material can be forged into even complex shapes. They have the capability to assist with design engineering, and can advise you on the most cost-effective methods of producing your alloy. Their certification process includes accurate documentation of all procedures, and meets or exceeds ISO 9000 standards.

All Metals & Forge offers programs that help companies handle their inventories, as well. If you need more parts than your warehouse can handle, All Metals & Forge can work with you to create a solution. They can even hold your aerospace alloy and ship them to you as needed. Even hard-to-find aerospace materials are no problem. They can custom forge just about any metal.

The unique characteristics of aerospace materials require a forging company that understands how to handle it, including appropriate methods of machining, cutting and heat treating. All Metals & Forge has built a reputation for quality and expertise in the forging of aerospace materials, as well as many other common and rare metal alloys. Contact them at (973)276-5000, or email at info@steelforge.com.