AISI / Alloy Steel 3310

Chemical Analysis
C% Carbon
0.08– 0.13
Mn% Manganese
0.45 – .60
P% Phosphorus
0.025 max
S% Sulfur
0.025 max
Si% Silicon
0.20 – 0.35
Ni% Nickel
3.25 – 3.75
Cr% Chromium
1.4 – 1.75

General characteristics of Alloy Steel 3310

Alloy steel 3310 is a case-hardening nickel-chromium steel with excellent toughness and strength properties.


This alloy is used in the production of forged components with large cross sections that require high toughness and core strength such as forged gears, crankshafts and heavy-duty gear shafts in aircraft and truck manufacture.


This alloy would be forged at a temperature in the region of 2200 to 1700ºF (1200 and 925ºC.)

Heat treatment

Annealing: This alloy would seldom be annealed

Normalizing: A nominal normalizing temperature for this steel is 1700ºF (925ºC) followed by air cooling.

Carburizing: The steel would be carburized at 1650-1740ºF (900-950ºC) followed by water quench for large components of simple shape only, otherwise oil quench.

Hardening: Core: 1525-1580ºF (830-860ºC.). Case: 1440-1470ºF (780-800ºC.)

For both core and case hardening, water quench for large components of simple shape only, otherwise oil quench

Tempering: At 340-410ºF (170-210ºC.)

Machinability: This alloy is readily machined from either an as-forged or normalized structure.

Weldability: The alloy may be readily welded, but only prior to case hardening and subsequent heat treatment.

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