Zinc - Chemical Symbol Zn. Element No. 30 of the periodic system; atomic weight 65.38. Blue-white metal; when pure, malleable and ductile even at ordinary temperatures; melting point 787 (degrees) F.; boiling point 1665 (degrees) F., specific gravity 7.14. Can be electrodeposited; it is extensively used as a coating for steel and sheet zinc finds many outlets, such as dry batteries, etc. Zinc-base alloys are of great importance in die casting. Its most important alloy is brass.

Zircon - The mineral zircon silicate, ZrSiO4, a very high melting point acid refractory material used as a molding material in steel foundries.

Zirconia - ZrO2 an acid refractory up to 2500 B0C (4532 B0F) having good thermal shock resistance and low electrical resistively.

Zirconium - Silvery-white, metallic element, mp 1860 B0C (3380 B0F), a powerful deoxidizer when added to molten steel.

Z-Mill - The full name for z-mill is Sendzimir mill. A Z-mill operates with a very small diameter work roll, normally about 2 inches, backed up by a number of rolls in a pyramid-shaped stack. This roll set up allows you to exert extremely high forces through the work roll and yet keep the work roll from extreme flexing. The take-up roll on the Z-Mill also exerts a tension on the coil as it comes through the mill. The combination of high pressure and tension makes the mill capable of rolling material thin and flat.

Zn - Chemical symbol for Zinc

Zr - Chemical symbol for Zirconium

Zyglo. - A method for nondestructive surface inspection of primarily non-magnetic materials using fluorescent penetrants. Trade name of Magnaflux Corp.