Tool Steel H26

Principal Design Features

This alloy is one of the Hot Work, higher tungsten content with chromium and vanadium tool steels. It has good resistance to softening when used in hot applications.


Applications are those that involve hot forming temperatures such as hot extrusion or forming dies.


Machinability of H26 is medium. It rates at 60% that of the W group (rated 100%) water hardening low alloy tool steels.


The alloy may be formed by conventional methods.


This alloy is weldable. Consult the supplier for details.

Heat Treatment

Preheat to 1600 F and then raise temperature rapidly to 2225 F. Hold for 2 to 5 minutes at temperature and then air cool, oil, or salt bath quench.


Forge at 2100 F down to 1775 F. Do not forge below 1750 F.

Hot Working

See “Forging”.

Cold Working

H26 may be cold formed by conventional methods.


Anneal at 1625 F and slow cool at 40 F maximum per hour.


Not applicable to this alloy.


Temper at 1050 F to 1250 F for Rockwell C of 58 to 43. A double (repeat) temper is advised for best results.


See “Heat Treatment” and “Tempering”.

Density: 0.318

Specific Gravity: 8.8

Melting Point: 2610

MoETensile: 30


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