Inventory of Metals & Alloys used for Forgings

All Metals & Forge Group forges a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in 8 metal families, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, copper, nickel and titanium. This includes many hard-to-find alloys, special alloy steel grades such as HP9-4-20®, HP9-4-30®, D6AC, HY80, F-91, 17-22 A, 17-22 AS or 17-22 AV, the martensitic, austinetic, pH and duplex grades of stainless steel, and the nickel, cobalt and special alloys such as the Inconels, Incoloys, Nimonics and Nitronics. For a complete list of alloys that can be open die forged or made into seamless rolled rings, please see our Forging Capabilities Chart.

Forgings can be produced to specifications for metal alloys including AISI, ASTM, AMS, API, SAE, ASME, AWS, JIS and GB in many custom forged shapes and heat treated conditions to achieve critical physical properties, such as tensile, yield, elongation and reduction of area for the desired end use as specified by the purchaser. Producing forgings to recognized material standards is a quality benchmark of All Metals & Forge Group, an ISO Registered manufacturer.