Magnesium ZK60A

Principal Design Features

ZK60A is a heat treatable magnesium alloy used primarily in extruded shapes and forgings. The alloy is generally considered for applications requiring shock and impact resistance and for parts that will be highly stressed.


Commonly employed in a variety of aircraft applications such as landing gear, brake housings, instrumentation bodies, ribs and spars.


Very high machinability rating. As with any magnesium alloy, great care should be taken because this material is flammable. To avoid this potential hazard, positive cuts should be taken, as large chips are less likely to ignite. Flooding with lubricant is also required and good procedure should include constant monitoring of the operation by a machinist equipped with a magnesium fire arresting kit, such as black powder.


Best results are obtained by preheating the material to 500 F. Bend radii of twice the material thickness is possible with proper procedures.


Arc welding is not recommended, however, resistance welding has proven good results.

Heat Treatment

Solution heat treat at 930 F for 2 hours and quench in warm/ hot water.

Hot Working

Work at 500 F.


Following solution heat treatment (930 F for 2 hours, hot water quench), heat to 300 F for 24 hours.

Density: 0.066

Specific Heat: 0.245

Electrical Resistivity: 5.7

Thermal Conductivity: 70

MCTE: 14.5


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