Incoloy™ 901 Alloy

General Characteristics of Incoloy™ 901 Alloy

This is an iron-base nickel-chromium superalloy that combines high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
0.10 max
Mn Manganese
1.00 max
Si Silicon
0.60 max
Ni Nickel
Cr Chromium
Mo Molybdenum
Cu Copper
0.50 max
Al Aluminium
0.35 max
Ti Titanium
B Boron


The alloy is used for components in aircraft and gas turbines, such as turbine rotors, compressor discs, hubs and shafts, with a maximum service temperature around 1100ºF (595ºC).


The alloy is forged between 2050/1850ºF (1120/1010ºC). Some light reductions may be carried out down to 1600ºF (870ºC) but not below. For rapid forging the metal temperature should not exceed 2050ºF (1120ºC).

Heat treatment

The heat treatment for alloy 901 forged bar involves a solution treatment followed by an age-hardening stage.
The recommended procedure is 2hrs at 1800/2025ºF (980/1110ºC) followed by water quench as a solution treatment, plus an aging treatment of 24hrs at 1300-1375ºF (705-745°C) followed by air cool.
A stabilizing treatment may be included between solution treatment and aging, involving 2-4 hrs at 1400/1475ºF (760/800ºC) followed by air cool.


The alloy may be machined in all heat-treated conditions. Over aging gives best machinability, but solution treatment is suitable for most applications. Carbide tools are recommended for parts in the fully aged condition.
Positive feeds should be used to overcome work hardening effects


The alloy is difficult to weld, but may be welded using the inert-gas-arc method. Welding should be done in the solution-treated condition and a post-weld solution treatment is recommended prior to stabilizing and/or aging.

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