Hastelloy S™ Alloy

General Characteristics of Hastelloy S™ Alloy

Hastelloy S is a nickel-base high-temperature alloy that has excellent oxidation resistance to 2000ºF (1095ºC), along with good high-temperature and thermal fatigue strength

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
0.02 max
Mn Manganese
Si Silicon
Cr Chromium
Mo Molybdenum
Al Aluminium
Co Cobalt
2.00 max
Cu Coper
0.050 max
Fe Iron
3.00 max
B Boron
.015 max
Ni Nickel
67 (bal)


This alloy was developed for conditions involving severely cyclical heating conditions where components must be capable of retaining their strength and ductility after long exposure. The alloy is used extensively in seal rings in gas turbine engines where its low coefficient of thermal expansion is also important.


Forging of Hastelloy S alloy should be carried out at 2100/1600ºF (1145/870ºC) up to the final 20% of cross-section reduction, this final 20% being carried out from about 1900ºF (1040ºC) to 1500ºF (815ºC).

Heat treatment

The alloy is solution treated at 1950ºF (1065ºC) and subsequently aged at temperatures from 800 through to 1600ºF (425 through 870ºC), where a whole range of tensile and impact properties may be obtained.


The alloy may be machined in the annealed condition, providing the usual recommendations for high-nickel alloys are adhered to, namely positive feeds, slow speeds and rigid tools and equipment.


The alloy may be welded by manual and automatic methods including gas-metal-arc and gas-tungsten- arc.

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